Vegetable Garden Tricks

By Dorene Schuster

To help keep weeds down, spread a 2” layer of mulch around each plant.  You can also check out organic roll weed barriers .  These are like thick paper that you can put around plants.

If you like vine plants, but don’t have the space…train your melons, squash and cucumbers on a vertical trellis or fence.   It saves space and looks cool!

Overwatering is worse than underwatering.  Test your soil before you water to make sure it is needed.

Natural insect repellants for your garden are Mums, onions, garlic and chives.

Vegetables that become over ripe are easy targets for pests.  Remove them as soon as possible.

When transplanting tomatoes cover the stem all the way up to the first set of healthy leaves.  Roots will form on that stem making it a healthier, stronger plant.

Water your garden in the morning to conserve moisture and avoid powdery mildew and other fungal diseases spread by high humidity.

By increasing the organic matter in your soil, it multiplies the soils ability to store water.

Use leftover coffee grounds to acidify the soil of acid loving plants like blueberries.  A light sprinkling of ¼” once per month will keep the PH of the soil on the high side.

Sweetness of vegetables increases when compost is used in gardens.