Peace Can Be Found in Nature

peace in your yard

By Dorene Schuster Designer

Our daily life has become so busy and crazy with all the stresses of work, family, and just the crosses of life. Where can we find peace? How can we slow down the pace of life? Let me see if I can help you….Put down your Smartphone, pull yourself away from the TV and Computer. Step outside and take a deep breath. Observe the clouds that are the only thing that separates us from heaven. Close your eyes and feel the sun warm your face. Get in touch with nature. Get your family out and experience watching a sunset, planting flowers and taking care of them. Play games in the back yard. Create a safe, comfortable, private place in your backyard that you can just be alone with God in prayer to enrich your mind, body, and soul. Have a well placed bench that invites you to a spot in the yard to do just that. A pondless water feature could drowned out the noises all around you and experience the tranquil effects of peaceful water flowing. Even a firepit or fireplace to experience the warm glow of an evening fire could give you a cozy retreat on a cool night. Get inspired to get back to nature and make your home landscape a place for peace.