Let’s get our Annuals Planted!


By Dorene Schuster Designer

When getting out your containers to plant this year, never use the old soil from previous year(s) or soil from your garden. Purchase soil made for annuals and containers. Thiswill make a huge difference in your plants health. Always clean and wash your container with mild bleach solution to kill bacteria from previous plantings in containers.

Make sure your pot has drainage by making or drilling holes to let water drain. A coffee filter works great to put over the hole to keep the soil from washing out. You can decrease the amount of soil needed and increase the drainage by placing some empty cans or bottles in the bottom of your pot. This also makes them lighter to handle.

Annuals prefer to be planted close together. Remember the rule….A thriller (focal point, taller plant), a Filler (medium plant), and a Spiller (a plant to flow over the sides). Think about the textures, mixing fine textures and course textures for interest. Choose colors that complement your home. Choose colors that are opposite on the color wheel.

Your pots need to be checked and watered once a day for cooler weather, and twice daily in hot weather. Don’t rely on rainfall to water your containers as plant foliage may not always allow rain to reach the soil.

Fertilize once a week for container plantings and fertilize annuals planted in the ground every 2 weeks. Use a fertilizer for flowering annuals such as Bloom Boost. This is the secret to awesome flower power.

Not all annuals need to be dead headed but if they are the kind that need to be, do it on a weekly basis to keep them blooming beautifully!

There is nothing that screams summer like annuals. There is nothing that can give you the ongoing color like annuals. Make sure to include them in your containers and in your landscape in key areas where you can enjoy them the most.